We have many years of experience in all forms of online advertising including remarketing. We use major platforms including Google, Facebook, and Bing/Yahoo.


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As you know, all businesses must be available for search terms if they want their share of business.  Pay-per-click campaigns can be very effective when managed correctly.

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Multiple campaigns and ad creation

  • Local and Regional programs

  • Remarketing Display Campaigns

  • Campaign Reports

  • Site Analytics

  • Call and forms tracking

In addition to serving Google and Facebook banner (display) ads, we are also a "Tier 1" agency with Yahoo.  That means we get the lowest possible rates for our clients and can lock in the lowest rates for a year, yet do not require the client to sign a contract. We can run your ads month to month with no committment.
We focus primarily on geo-targeted Yahoo mail which is huge. You can literally put your name in front of 20-30% of your market every day.


Advertising on Facebook is one of the biggest, if not the greatest, opportunities for businesses available today because of the ability to target very specific audiences. It gives you the power to target location, demographics, interests and more.
Because of the specific targeting that can be done, it is very cost effective and can deliver great results.  In fact, it is in many cases, the most cost effective form of advertising you can do.

Martin Media, an internet marketing company located in Melbourne, Florida which is in the Orlando, Florida area, has vast experience in internet marketing incuding all forms of digital advertising (online marketing) and email marketing.  Based in Brevard County, Florida, Martin Media is a national internet advertising  and email marketing company that has served companies in all 50 states over its 16 years in business.


Martin Media, a leading internet marketing comapny can deliver business to your door using all forms of online marketing and digital advertising including Google Adwords PPC  )pay per click) advertising, Yahoo and Bing PPC advertising and marketing, Google banner display advertising, Yahoo banner and display advertising,  as well as 100% opt-in email marketing. Martin Media, a leading internet marketing company also performs powerful Facebook advertising incuding Facebook remarketing advertising.


Whether branding or lead generation, Martin Media's focus is to deliver online advertising results at the lowest possible conversion rate.  Our digital advertising including Google Adwords PPC (pay per click) advertising, Google banner display advertising and Facebook advertising can dramatically increase your ROI.  So whether you are looking for email marketing, online advertising or digiutal advertising in Melbourne, Florida, Orlando, Florida, Brevard County, Florida or anywhere coast to coast, Martin Media can get the job done for you.


Additionally, Martin Media, through it's subsidiary StarHost in the Orlando, Florida area, operates a full-blown, state-of-the-art web hosting business serving companies coast to coast. That is an advantage to our customers of our digital advertising and online advertising including Google AdwordsPPC (pay per click) advertising, Google banner display advertising and Facebook advertising becuase we host their websites and landing pages free of charge.   We also host our email marketing customer's landing pages and websites free of charge.